40 last-minute christmas gift ideas

Here we are again, a week before Christmas and, I’m sure more than half the people I know still practice the same sport: last-minute Christmas shopping. In the era of same-day delivery, it’s now even possible to do it from the comfort of your couch. But the real struggle remains… “What in the hell am I going to buy?”. Let me give you an extensive list of 40 original and less original, useful, or fun last-minute Christmas gift ideas.

Snuggly everything

So, for me, winter rimes with snuggling. Actually, it does not. The point is, you can never go wrong with one of these options if the person it is for, often lounges around the house which we, these days, are all forced to do… 

  1. A soft and warm sweater. You can go for the original and fun route and opt for the ugly Christmas sweater or, you can go the luxurious route and choose for cachemire for example. 
  2. Soft fluffy slippers. Like all the Instagrammers have hehe.
  3. Weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have been proven to be very comforting. 
  4. Scented candle. There’s this smaller business, My Jolie Candle, that offers these scented candles with a hidden piece of jewelry inside. 
  5. Christmas pj’s

Skincare and jewelry

  1. A mystery box composed by yours truly. This makes it more personal and, gives so many options. 
  2. Subscriptions. There are fun monthly subscription services that can also make a great, effortless gift. 
  3. A nice piece of jewelry. Here again, there’s an array of choices from affordable to chic, colorful, engraved, or minimal. Keep in mind, personalized engravings may ask for a longer delivery time.


If you can’t wait to travel again whenever we are allowed to, this is a great option too. I believe sharing special moments and experiences is even more valuable than a materialistic gift. Print out a ticket to go somewhere. I would make a fun letter with pictures and where I plan out the highlights of the trip. I made a freebie that you can easily use for this! You can also opt to let them choose the destination: if you’re late, this is always an option and makes it way more fun than a basic gift card.

Books and courses

  1. These are maybe a little less fun to gift but can please a lot of people!
  2. A planner for the year ahead
  3. Decorative hardcover books. Here again, there are so many different options: self-improvement books, cooking books, the art of living books, luxury, etc. 
  4. A photography course
  5. Skillshare. This is an American platform where you can access thousands of courses on a wide variety of topics so, you’re sure there’s something for everyone.


They exist in all shapes and sizes:

  1. Wine subscription
  2. Meal service subscription 
  3. Jewelry or lifestyle box subscription
  4. Music or Netflix subscription
  5. Software subscription

All things tech

  1. Temperature control smart mug
  2. Essential oils diffuser
  3. Massage pillow
  4. Polaroid instant camera
  5. Air fryer. I got my dad this for his birthday and, it’s pure wonder. 
  6. Philips hue lights: they are all the rage on social media. So, if you’ve got a TikTok lover in the fam, this is going to be a great gift for them. 
  7. Mini skincare fridge
  8. Wireless headphones
  9. Disposable camera
  10. Egg cooker
  11. Projector: who doesn’t love to watch Christmas movies on big screens? Or is it just me? 
  12. Popcorn maker: this is honestly a must that goes along perfectly with the projector. 
  13. Portable photo printer
  14. An electronic reader


  1. Phone cases: you can never have enough amirite?
  2. Fitness equipment: elastic bands, clothes, weights, a bench, yoga mat, … Try to not send the wrong message though, quarantine weight is totally normal, okay? 
  3. A bathtub caddy tray and bath bombs
  4. Cute Christmas mugs. I bought some recently… made my coffee so much better. Also, the Starbucks tumblers that change color when the drink is hot have been all the rage recently.  
  5. Shot glasses. You can also do a total one-eighty and go for these. You get so many options, there’s always space to go for something funny or meaningful.
  6. A milk frother
  7. A big picture frame. Make this even more special and, insert some pictures already before you wrap it!


And voilà! I hope you found something for everyone on your list this year!


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