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Lay the groundwork for a successful day - Morning routine

Starting the morning on the right foot is key to feel successful and ready to achieve things you’ve been putting back for days. As I was starting to sink into days of unaccomplished feelings, I introduced a morning routine. This is where my inspiration for today’s blog article comes from. I thought I’d go ahead and share my tips that were at the very core of my mindset change.

Whether you plan on working, shopping, visit friends, or do some chores around the house, establishing your routine will help relieve your daily dose of stress and add some stability to your life.

Obviously, morning routines are not a “one-type fits all” type of thing. It’s up to you to take some advice and apply it to your own lifestyle. It’s also important, to be honest with yourself and find something sustainable! If it isn’t natural for you, it’s not going to work. Kind of like a harsh diet you can do for 3 days before you budge and hate yourself for doing so. So, think about what would fit you, and what would make you feel better. In the meantime, here are a few tips that I thought would be a great point to start from:

No.1. make your bed every morning

This may sound very frivolous, and for some people (like me) it may appear as such a dull chore. But here’s my deal: this gave me a true sense of pride empowering me to accomplish even more. And if it turns out I had a very bad day, I would at least come home to a beautiful and cozy bed… So who’s the real winner here?

NO.2. Prepare your outfit the night before

Doesn’t this sound familiar? To me, it does as my parents repeatedly gave me crap for repeatedly being late. I can tell I grew up because now I understand (* maturity *). I still don’t do it habitually but for more special occasions. Although, these days, anything resembling a walk outside is a special occasion. This also spares you the frustrations of not finding what you were thinking of wearing because of the classic “it’s still in the wash” scenario. Or the ever-repeated mind-cracking question of “what the hell am I going to wear today?”. Read what my top sweater options are for this fall season here!

Save your energy for more essential struggles. Planning of those empty-headed matters saves you time, stress AND gives you more time to take care of yourself (or sleep in longer depending on the kind of person you are).

NO.3. Fix 3 objectives for yourself

Keep in mind, a daily objective doesn’t mean a life goal! 1 or 2 small targets is enough. Be careful to not overstep your boundaries and experience the opposite effect aka despair. Find the right middle ground between overpromising goals and cramped objectives. Successful target-setting will bring the joyful feeling that you stepped an extra toe toward your dream.

NO.4. Self-care routine

Be mindful of what makes you confident and feel good. If it’s putting on a pair of heels, do it! If it’s taking a self-care day, don’t neglect that! Pampering yourself hurts no one. Some people will take 2 hours some only 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter, as long as you listen to your needs. Mental sanity starts with mental awareness. Once you know what you need, and act upon that, you’ll feel more productive, valuable, and cheered up.

NO.5. Morning Breakfast

You’ve probably already heard this a million times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you’re really not hungry, maybe just drink some milk or fresh juice. It gives you ample energy without over-eating. If you get bored, get creative, there is a host of different options. I often use Pinterest to get new fun and original recipe ideas! In fact, lately, my favorite breakfast has been oat/banana pancakes topped with some vanilla and fresh fruits. This recipe literally only takes 10 minutes to prepare and keeps me full until lunch! But most important of all, IT’S SOOO GOOD.  

Illustration of best morning routine breakfast: oatmeal pancakes with strawberries

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