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The ultimate Gift Guide for every occasion

Gift-giving is one of my favorite things in life! However, finding the perfect present for someone is a struggle for most of us. The battle of coming up with the perfect present, can easily get us lost and overwhelmed. This gift guide is applicable to any person for any situation!


First of all, let’s go through one of the things you absolutely should NOT do!

Gift cards are a MUST-NOT. They say “I had no idea what to get you so I just stopped trying”. They communicate that you weren’t willing to make an effort for that person which might come across as you not caring enough about them.

Make it more original! If you want to do something creative that doesn’t require to spend a fortune, try homemade coupons. They can be good for a 20-minute massage or a city trip in whatever city. You really get a lot of options with them and you get to tailor them to the person and their personality and preferences. 

Example of a homemade coupon gift


I’m sure you’ve been through this situation where you’ve thought of so many gift ideas but when the moment comes to actually go shopping, you’ve forgotten everything. Avoid this by just making a list on your phone of everything you come to think of during the year and every time someone hints at something they wish to have. This basically makes up your own personal gift guide that you’re sure will hit right. 

Ultimate gift guide tip: The secret chest

Another tip, and this one is a true stress-reliever, is keeping a gift chest! Basically, every time you come across a great gift that might make you think of someone, just buy it and stock it in there. This makes it so easy when you need a present for someone because you probably already have something fitting and don’t have to rack your brain over it.

PERSonalized gifts

My favorite type of gift to offer people are personalized gift baskets. It’s so fun to shop around for different things that the person would like. It’s such a tailored gift to the person in question and makes it so thoughtful. You can also turn it into a ‘starter kit’. For example, in a self-care starter kit, you would have a face mask, some tea, a blanket, and a comfy lounge set or a bath bomb.

You can get so creative and it never fails to make the person ecstatic because of how much thought you’ve put into the gift while you had so much fun composing it.

Click on this Pinterest article that I found to get some fun gift basket ideas!

Gift SWaps

Another type of gift I really like the concept of are swaps. They actually resemble the personalized gift baskets but you basically make one for a friend and they make one for you. This is thus such a good idea for Christmas for example. Make sure to fix a budget beforehand if you want to and then shop for small fun gifts that you wrap up separatly and put into a box. I like to number them and write a fun creative letter where the person has to guess what it is.

COmmon gifts

If you REALLY have no idea, gather a group of people to give a common present. If you know something that the person will absolutely LOVE but it’s out of your budget, it’s interesting to share the ‘burden’ with other people. Sometimes it’s more fun to give a big present together than to just give something small that you don’t even know they’ll like or not.

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