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The blossoming world of podcasts

I’m that person you know is listening to a podcast whenever she has her earplugs in; that friend who incessantly references episodes that no other understands. Fun fact about podcasts – they were previously known as audio blogging, and they started in the ’80s. But you probably didn’t come here to get a lecture… Let me tell you why I encourage you to dip your toes into the podcast world.

They will become your truest of friends plus, you can literally get them anywhere! They make morning commutes bearable, chores a little less bothersome, and workouts less fatiguing. Let me explain what’s at the very core of my devotion to podcasts!

They make me feel like I'm not alone and that it's okay not to be okay.

One of my favorite podcasts is Unsolicited Advice. Ashley and Taryne, two real-life best friends, join every week to share stories listeners send in and give life advice. They talk about anything and everything and don’t shy away from sensitive and heavy topics. Besides, their episodes are, on average, a whole hour-long (thank you, generous ladies). I’ve now repeatedly been able to relate 100% to one’s story and took the girls’ advice for myself. Issues that have kept me laced with self-doubt for so long aren’t anymore. When you feel dreadful, nothing is as consoling as to feel like someone validates you even though they’re strangers. What makes their show so beautiful is their love for other human beings (and dogs, love their dogs). The episodes truly make me feel like I’m having a conversation with my two older sisters I never had. Added into the mix, the girls produce a series of goosebumps-inducing stories, every month of October. These girls just check all the boxes.

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Podcasts have saved my life.

Are you a crime junkie? This is for you, join us fellow amateur investigators in a parallel world where you become a crime solver. Especially if you’re a woman, listen to Crime Junkie as it taught me invaluable tips on how to stay alert and safe. Yet, be prepared to perceive all and sundry as disturbed maniacs instantly as you leave the house. Cuz that’s where I’m at… I’ve come to the extreme where I won’t open the door for the postman if I’m home alone. I’d rather get the note and go to the post office to grab my parcel than taking any risk. But hey, at least I’m alive, so who’s the real winner here?! Also, fun fact: you might have heard of the Netflix show called ‘Dirty John’, well, its roots are found in a crime podcast!

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As an introverted extrovert, i crave meaningful connections.

I source my energy and drive in relationships with friends or… anyone really. A podcast that has a special place in my heart is Pretty Basic, as it’s the show that opened the doors to the podcasting universe for me. Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, two famous YouTubers, have a 45-minute conversation about miscellaneous subjects ranging from lighthearted pop culture news to heavier mental health and body positivity issues. Listening to people conversating, makes me feel like I’m part of it (yes, I secretly interact with them, so what?). It relatively satisfies the lack of connections we all experience this year. Wild Til’9 is another fun podcast where Lauren Riihimaki and her boyfriend Jeremy talk about sex drive and life in your teen years without filter. If you feel awkward talking about this with people around you yet feel alone and need people to relate to, search no more!

If you’re a foodie, listen to Food Fight! Kirk and Kacey have a completely uneducated debate about food every week. I’m a food lover so, no wonder I’ve fallen in love with them. What’s comfort food? What do you eat on your pizza? What shouldn’t you put on a sandwich? The speakers will dive into one type of food or topic and make you re-question your entire diet. Fun fact: dopamine is created in the stomach so, that’s why eating comfort food makes you happy. I mean, if science said so, you have to trust it, right?

There is such a wide range of podcasts, about a host of topics that you will definitely find your match. All this to say, I’m a podcast girl through and through, and I hope you’ll join the movement!

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